By Wimberley Blue Hole in Wimberley, TX | September 24, 2009 | 7 Comments
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p.stephen says: 20:02 October 03, 2010

It is surprising to me that such an environmentally rare and beautiful gem would be the chosen site for concrete pads, service buildings, lights and noise that disturb the wildlife, the cutting of trees that unbalance the ecology, and basically the end of a balanced ecosystem. Why this beautiful site?Too bad it isn't being "protected" instead of "developed". Shortsighted, and tragic. Why not just use a field without a rarely found environmental wonder. This seems ill-conceived and destructive and probably something that many will someday regret being part of in hindsight.

Micky O'Connor says: 16:38 May 25, 2010

I love Blue Hole....just as innocently and unpretentious as it is. I am curious to know what this major development is that will alter this natural gift of ours. And will it then be a magnet for globs of out-of-towners? Will the price of enjoying this treasure then ask more of us? Who can help me understand?

klabt says: 11:27 January 24, 2011

I'm curious how the progress is coming. Are there construction photos available? And what is the estimated date of completion?

Alan Fyke says: 15:26 July 08, 2011

Blue Hole is now a park and will never be the same to those of us who knew and enjoyed it when ... Welcome to all those from around the state and nation who will now enjoy the concrete, paved parking lots, and park RULES but never see the beauty we enjoyed in the natural setting God created.

Derek Ebely says: 15:02 July 28, 2011

What a blessing to have this placed developed into a protected public space. I'm not sure if the nasayers understand that it easily could have been developed with home sites. I"m sorry for those that would not want to share such a beauitful place with everyone. Think now of the people in wheelchairs and limited mobility will be able to more easily access this park.

Mary Rose says: 12:32 March 29, 2011

When I saw the "sidewalks" being constructed around the Blue Hole, my heart sank! I thought how unfortunate it is that we cannot appreciate the natural beauty we have been given. Our grandchildren may never know how it feels to walk on grass, mud, tree roots and then jump with glee into the cold waters never missing these "conveniences" that we've been sold as of this year! I am deeply saddened by this decision to "develop" the perfect gem we have all enjoyed for generations! Where were our voices when it was time to speak? Would anyone have listened? Or are we being led to modernization with no foresight of the consequences?

marti rodemyer says: 17:20 April 01, 2011

I don't really keep up with the politics in wimberley but I have to say, having walked that path this morning with my friend, I was amazed. It is such a beautiful way to see our beautiful wimberley. progress is difficult for some, but change is inevitable. Those who oppose should go take a walk.